Safety Tips: 15 Steps Site Superintendents can take to prevent falls

There’s lots to remember on a construction site, and safety is paramount for all! If we separate all the information into different categories, it will make it easier to retain. This quarter’s focus is fall prevention, which we can further break down into 3 sub-categories to make it easier for site superintendents to remember. Five things to do today 1. Ask workers one question…do you know how many workers died in 2012 from construction falls in Ontario? 2. Check for missing guardrails 3. Look our for ladders 4. Check for floor and roof openings 5. Give a safety talk Five things to tell workers 6. Do it right every time 7. Look out for other workers 8. Use the right equipment 9. Tell me about the hazards you see 10. Know your rights Five ways to supervise 11. Show that you mean it 12. Plan your work 13. Train and inform your workers 14. Enforce the rules 15. Reward good behaviour Adapted from article “Fifteen Steps Supervisors can take to prevent falls” as published in IHSA’s Magazine – Vol. 13, Issue 2